Why You Need to Stop Judging Every Single Person You Don’t Meet

Why be judgemental to people who don’t even notice you?

Brandon Bell
6 min readNov 24, 2020


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How do we look out for ourselves without being judgemental?

We judge people every day, it’s a part of our daily routine. Telling ourselves that we know somebody before we even meet them is wrong, but we do it anyway. Do you ever wonder how that stranger feels about you? It’s a tough inner battle that we all face as humans but we can start judging people less with a little bit of practice.

Being judgmental has become an instinct to the human species, we even judge things that are not human including retail products and animals. There is no magic formula that will stop you from judging people immediately, we have to look into the reasoning why we do it first.

We like to put our safety before anybody else’s, if it’s not ours first then it’s our family or friends. Ultimately, we’ve all heard stories of people who have done wrong things to other people. These stories can be about betrayal or being used for our own good. These are not just stories but situations that we’ve all experienced before.

I’ve had many coworkers who I felt I could trust with my work, when I realized that they were only looking out for themselves, the truth came out and I was not only disappointed in the other person but in myself too.

Being judgemental can be seen as good or bad, we shouldn't judge people by what they look like or how they talk but by their actions. You can be judgmental with good intentions and still be let down or make the mistake of assuming wrong about somebody. We think we know everyone because we’ve experienced tons of personalities in our existence so far but the truth is that we don’t.

There are many more good people out in the world than we think and there are many more bad people in the world than we think. Can you agree that everyone deserves a fresh start? Especially if you don’t know them? Giving people a chance can have a major impact on your future relationships and an opportunity to learn more about other people rather than just spending too much time trying to learn about yourself.

Stop Acting As If You Know Them Already.



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