Why You Should Be Less Serious

Smile when you can and don’t beat yourself up

The world we live in causes us to be serious, part of it is our doing too but look at everything we’re surrounded by. The news, politics, marketing, etc… Is there a way for you to be less serious and will it actually help you out through life?

So, why not be serious? Being serious allows for people to take you more seriously and you’re able to have a level of focus that not everyone is able to have on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this can get tiring and we start to feel like we’re robots more than anything.

You want to be free, you want to be able to express yourself at any time and be serious when you need to be. This is all understandable but can you snap out of it when you want to or do you almost feel like it’s part of your personality now?

No one is able to be carefree at every moment but there are people who are taking their life a little less seriously who are also doing good for themselves and who are happier.

When you take life too seriously, everything gets technical, the child in you dies and you don't know what fun is anymore. You need to be able to have fun every once and a while but with many other things in life, there needs to be a balance. Has this balance of serious and not serious been accomplished? It takes practice and your mindset has to change for the better as well.

You don’t experience too many people change like this because the process can be hard for many. You need to ask yourself “why” you’re acting the way you do and “why” you’re so serious all of the time.

This will help you discover some uncomfortable truths about yourself but it’s also the first step into enjoying your life a bit more. Being serious is necessary at times and there are many situations that call for us to be serious but that doesn’t mean we need to be serious for the whole day.

If you drop the drink that you paid for from Starbucks on the floor then you have two options, you can either be serious and get mad at yourself or you can laugh it off and see if you can get a refill and move on. Life isn’t easy and you’re not perfect so cut all the seriousness out for once.

Are You Going To Be This Serious Forever?

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re going to be this serious for the rest of your life? No, really have you, because you need to understand the negativity that’s going to come with this attitude.

If you have goals set for yourself whether it’s financially or emotionally then you need to know what it’s like to enjoy achieving those goals. Let’s go back to your younger days when you were in school. If you had an upcoming test within a week, you knew that some studying was going to have to be done for you to do good on the test.

When you were studying, that was the time needed for you to be serious because your grade was on the line, but when you ended up doing good on the test, you smiled and you may have even celebrated. My celebration was asking my mom if I can get a meal from Mcdondals.

So, if you’re serious all of the time then you won’t be able to celebrate times like this in your adulthood. Being serious is not a bad thing but when it’s overused it can be detrimental to your lifestyle.

You can be very successful but if you stay serious for a long period of time, you’ll come to realize that success isn't really important to you. This is important to keep in mind if you’re working on something for your future. You need to change this mindset now so that you can enjoy life when whatever you’re working on decides to take off.

Many people think that being serious all of the time will get you ahead in life, yes it may but it will only get you so far with yourself. You’re going to get tired of feeling this way and when you want to change it’s going to be too hard to do so.

When you’re too serious, you can start to feel it in the way that you walk and talk. Your body is always stiff and you talk with a deep monotone voice to let people know that you’re serious. Your whole aura starts to come off as a dark spirit and you don’t want that in your life, do you?

There’s a Time and a Place

I’m not going to sit here and write about a life that isn’t honest, there are many parts of your day-to-day life that will require you to be serious. If you’re not serious then others won’t take you seriously and that’s just the truth.

You need to start looking at different parts of your day and see where you need to be serious and where you don’t need to be too serious. Let’s say for instance when you’re at work when first clocking in and walking through the door, there’s no need to be super serious.

You should check out the vibe that everyone is giving off, if everyone seems to be in a serious mood then you can be that positive light that greets everyone and lets everyone know that their day is going to get a lot better with you there.

If everyone is in a happy mood then there’s no need for you to really try hard to act like that act of sunshine because people will already be happy, this will make you happy as well.

If you’re going into an important meeting at work, you need to be serious in this situation. These meetings usually require important information that you need to know in order for you to do your work, when the meeting is over you can then be a little more carefree and focus on your happiness.

This involves smiling, saying hello to people, and even using your positive affirmations to keep you in a good mood. Be serious when it is necessary, just don’t make it a lifestyle. Don’t let your seriousness control you, there are too many happy thoughts to have and too much opportunity out in the world for you to be that serious.

If you ever feel yourself getting stressed out or too serious, you can focus on your breathing and look at everything good that's going on around you. Take a walk outside of your office if you need to and look at the buildings.

Smile at those buildings, smile at the fact that you have a job, and have a small laugh. Think back to a time in your life where something funny happened and just laugh.

Enjoy Life a Little Bit More

It can be really hard to change your perspective on life when you're serious all of the time. You’re less open to hearing stuff and you become opposed to change, what benefits is that bringing you though?

You need to be able to laugh at your mistakes and move on. Yes, that means when you mess up on something that was really important to you or that you had a lot of focus on, you need to at least smile.

In other people’s eyes, they may think that you messed up really bad and that could be true but your perspective of the situation is what matters the most. You can choose to move on from the situation or not, it’s going to be hard when first trying to do this but you’re a lot stronger than you think, plus it gets easier over time.

It’s not the end of the world and people are bouncing back from their mistakes every day, it happens, we’re humans, laugh it off! Being an overthinker is part of being too serious as well. Let go of this “weakness” that you think you have and be a little less serious about your situation, you won’t regret it.

Are you going to keep being this serious or are you going to finally do yourself a favor a loosen up a little bit? Enjoy the journey of your life and laugh at your mistakes, you’ll have an easier time living. I’ll leave you with a quote from Horace that says

“Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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