You Don’t Need to Be Successful to Believe In Delayed Gratification

Why the wait is worth it

Delayed gratification is a term that has been used by many of the world's most successful people when explaining their process of work. There are people who have become an overnight success but that’s what the media portrayed them as, usually, they put in a lot of work as well to be where they’re at today.

Even if that person didn’t become successful in what they were originally working for they still were putting in the work, so their situation was bound to change.

When you’re working towards a specific goal, you have to understand the level of risk you’re taking when doing this. This means you’re going to have to sacrifice to maybe get what you want in the future. Sounds a little scary right? Well, the more you think about it the more sense it will make.

You think that you can work at something randomly and when you only feel like it when you want to achieve it? No, you’re going to have to sacrifice some time that you spend doing other things like watching movies or hanging out with friends daily.

It’s not going to be easy and you have to accept that, nothing that you truly want comes easy but that’s just the way life works. If everything were to come easy then the journey of life would no fun, you wouldn't know what it would feel like to truly work towards something and to see that work pay off.

Why do you want it easy? Is it because your lazy? I’m guilty of this, at times I find myself being lazy but now knowing that there has to be a lot of work put in to get what I want, there’s not a lot of time to be lazy.

When you’re constantly working and you start to wish you had more energy and more time, you are getting closer to your goal without even realizing it. Keep delayed gratification in your mind so that you can use it as motivation and remind yourself that the process will take a long time.

It may take years for you to get what you want but when your constantly working, those years will seem like minutes when looking back.

Defining Your Process

Have you ever thought about exactly what your process is? If you feel like you don’t have some sort of process when it comes to your work, then you may be taking a few steps backward.

This is okay because you have to do things like this in order to know that you need to take a different direction, it’s all part of the process. What’s important when it comes to defining your process is knowing the things that you do during the process daily.

You should have a ritual every day that falls into alignment with your goal. When it comes to my posts here on Medium, I understand that after I wake up and eat breakfast, it’s time for me to write. There will be things that come into the way of your rituals but you have to be able to adjust.

If you can’t do what you need to do right away, make a time slot in advance for when you’re going to work on your process. This also falls into an overall plan that you have for your goals, if you haven’t already done so, make a plan.

Take a few days to build out a plan for your success, this plan doesn’t have to be perfect, as a matter of fact, your plan will always be a rough draft. This is because you can’t control how your future is going to turn out. God has a plan set for you and you have to trust in that plan even more.

So, what’s the point of making a plan if God already has one for you? The objective of the plans you make for yourself has to do with adding structure into your life.

You’re basically preparing yourself for what’s to come, you’re building good habits that will help you even more in the future. Having your own plan can be hard to follow at times and will take a high level of commitment.

But, you’ll be more motivated when you wake up and you will live with purpose. What we fail to realize in this part of the process is that this is where happiness is created, this is the feeling of success that we crave so much of.

Building Resilience

How exactly do you build resilience? It’s simple but not simple at the same time, one of the first ideas you need to put into your head when building resilience is consistency.

You need to be able to show up and do what you have to do almost every single day with no excuses. You have to show up on the days where you may be depressed, you may be sick, and even when you’re having relationship issues.

You also need to understand the energy that goes behind this consistency. Whenever you’re not working towards your goal intentionally, you need to prepare your body for when you do have to work on it.

So, whenever you have a break, you need to be resting your mind, eating healthy, and exercising, so that you’re ready to show up that next day. You want to have good energy when being consistent because it makes you want to be consistent even more.

You build a lot of self-confidence when showing up every day because you’re doing something that you weren’t able to do in the past. This process of building resilience can translate over to other parts of your life as well, this does not only make you mentally stronger but it betters your chances for future success.

Sometimes life will hit you right in the face and it’s going to hurt, but when you have resilience, you’re able to get back up and move forward without looking back. Many of us have had the opportunity to build more strength in the past but we let go of that opportunity because were thought that we couldn’t do push anymore.

You’re also stronger than you think and when you’re able to push yourself past the moments where you want to give up and you have no more energy, you will then have resilience. Basically, you need to be ready to pass out from working so hard, you need to literally see how much you can push yourself for you to reach that top of the mountain. Don't give up and keep going!

You’re One of Many

Even though you’re willing to do what many aren’t, there are still people in this competition with you. There are other people who understand the process of delayed gratification but are not only doing the work but doing more work than you.

This can make you feel like you want to give up but you have to focus on only your goals and not their's. This is another reason why people tend to give up on delayed gratification. Yes, there is competition but that shouldn't be your main worry because you can't control what others do.

The more you watch your competitors the less focused you’re going to be on achieving your goals, you don’t have the time to be worrying about them. Find a way to be different from your competitors where you’re proud of your work and not concerned about them. Find what you do differently from others so that you can have an advantage in the race.

Delayed gratification is an idea that you have to accept into your life if you want to be successful. The journey will be long but you won’t be bored with your life when taking part in something you want to achieve. I’ll leave you with a quote from Brian Tracy that says

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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