Your Anxiety Doesn’t Define You

Deal with it until you can get rid of it

At this point in time, it seems that everyone has anxiety. There’s nothing wrong with having anxiety and it’s part of life to deal with it. When you start to live with anxiety daily, then you may want to seek help but when having anxious moments in your life you shouldn’t panic.

The first thing you need to realize when feeling anxious is that your body and mind are going into an emergency state. Whenever you feel anxious, your body thinks you’re at risk of dying. Sounds pretty intense, but this is why anxiety gives you such an overwhelming feeling.

Have you become somebody who has let anxiety prevent them from being their true selves? If so, you’re not alone, I also still have moments where I let my anxiety take control. Your life doesn’t have to continue being like this but you do have to accept that you have anxiety if you want to get rid of it.

The process of getting over your anxiety is a long one and it doesn’t happen overnight. While you’re on that journey of building more confidence and being less afraid to be yourself, you can still use anxiety to your advantage.

Each day when you’re working towards a better you as far as your anxiety, you’re able to let go of the old you slowly but surely. Always remind yourself that this process isn’t easy and that it takes time.

Some of the most confident people you know in your life have gone through a similar journey, it may have started from when they were young but it really took time to overcome it.

There are also different forms of anxiety but one that has become so relatable to everyone nowadays is social anxiety. People are afraid to go outside because of what people may say about them and this is no fun to deal with.

It’s depressing and you start to live life for others and not yourself. Your anxiety doesn’t define you, what defines you is the things that you did to overcome it because that says a lot more than someone who is anxious just like everyone else.

You’re Stronger Than the Old You

After the right amount of work is put in or if you’re getting close to at least halfway to the end of your journey, you will start to look back at the old you. In the past, you were someone who may have been afraid to take risks and say something that could be controversial.

What you have to realize is this, being controversial and saying what's not always politically correct is what makes you stand out and be respected. Imagine talking to someone who agrees with every single thing you say. At first, you may want that person to be your friend but after a while, it gets pretty annoying.

Do you know what also gets annoying after a while? Your anxiety. What’s interesting about anxiety is that it makes you more aware. Some of the situations that you’ve witnessed in the past start to be more insightful in the future because your mindset has changed.

What made you anxious in the past doesn't make you as anxious now. When this happens, you start to realize that all of the practice you’ve been putting in along with the patience you’ve been having is starting to pay off.

Also, sometimes you need to just do what makes you anxious at the moment. You’re not always going to have someone hold you accountable for being a better you so you have to learn how to take on accountability.

This is one of the hardest ideas to implement into your life because you’re going to fail sometimes and you’re also going to be scared too. Many people are worried when it comes to accountability because they are so worried about letting themselves down.

Well, that’s the point of it right? You work your butt off on improving so that you don’t let yourself down but this doesn't come instantly, it takes time.

You’re a New Person…Kind Of

Even if you still have anxiety at a high level, you’re still becoming a new person every day. It’s hard to see this when you’re actually going through the journey but every once in a while you’ll experience a moment where you see the change being made.

When this change becomes obvious to you, it starts to get addicting and that’s where self-motivation starts to come into play. You will still have some anxiety that sticks with you later on down the road but it’s not as painful to deal with.

Here’s the thing, you spent your whole life building up anxiety, it may have come to you at a point where you weren’t ready to deal with it but it’s definitely built over time.

This means that it’s going to take just as long if not longer for you to get rid of it. This is why people also should be seeking professional help as well because the process of getting rid of it is not the easiest.

Even if you see yourself starting to improve, still look for help. Not only are you making the process easier for yourself but you’re doing yourself a favor. You will start to learn more about yourself when overcoming your anxiety and you will see the different areas in your life that are changing and that are not.

Usually, the areas that are not changing are the ones you need to take note of and have someone help you with. You don’t even have to seek professional help right away, you can ask a friend for help or someone you know who has been through a similar situation.

Don't think that you’re going through this journey alone because you don’t have to. There are people there to help you in this process and they will even have more respect for you for reaching out in the first place.

People Will Still Try to Bring It Out of You

Your anxiety is actually noticeable to many if you didn’t realize it, even the people closest to you will admit it. You may not find out about this directly from the people who are close to you but there are people in the world who will try to expose it.

Usually, people like this are trying to help you or they like to see you in a nervous state. The people who are trying to help you will be blunt with you but you have respect for them so you know that it comes from a genuine place.

The people who are trying to hurt you may say what they think is wrong with you and will purposely try to make you feel bad about it. You’re going to want to keep those friends who are blunt with you around so that you can improve but the other friend who I explained should not be in your circle.

Ignore these rude people when you can, there not too many of them but they will pop out of nowhere from time to time so always be aware.

At the end of the day, anxiety is a game that you play in your head. The more you play that game the more you’ll know how to deal with it. I'll leave you with a quote from Dan Millman that says

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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