Your Anxiety Will Make You a Perfect Blogger… Here’s Why

Do you know how many people write about anxiety daily?

Before you start thinking about becoming a blogger, you need to take into consideration a few things. If you’re someone who’s going to write about your anxiety then you need to know that it’s not going to be easy all of the time. Second, you are not guaranteed to blow up on whatever platform you are writing on immediately. Lastly, your anxiety will not go away forever once you start blogging about it.

So, what’s the point of becoming a blogger then? Blogging is made for people like you and me who deal with anxiety every now and then. People love to read about different stories and tips on how people deal with their anxiety on a daily basis.

There are thousands of articles produced every day that have to deal with some type of anxiety-filled context. Your anxiety can be used in a space like this where you’re able to help people and earn a little bit of money on the side as well.

Blogging is a hustle and in order to see any type of growth from your work, you have to be consistent with what you decide to write about. Individuals who deal with anxiety know that it’s not something that only lasts for one day, it can last for weeks at a time too.

If you’re constantly learning new ways to cope with anxiety, then blogging about it shouldn't be an issue. The only problem you may run into is repeating yourself throughout each article you write.

Start blogging now because there are so many benefits from doing it that are not only monetary. Blogging helps many people cope with their anxiety and to see it more as a tool rather than a defect.

Wouldn't it be nice to get recognized for your perspective on anxiety, everyone’s perspective is different when it comes to an issue like this which is what makes it such a perfect topic to write about and makes you a perfect candidate for blogging as well.

You’ll Fit In With Other Bloggers

You can go on any blogging platform right now and on the front page, you’ll see at least one article that has to do with anxiety. It’s such a relevant topic and it never seems to get outdated.

The topic is up there with politics, sports, and of course financial planning. There are many people who love to write about anxiety and you would fit writing in with this community of bloggers.

Now, you may be thinking that this will only make it harder for you to become successful with your own blog but you shouldn't worry about success right away when it comes to blogging.

Getting into a niche like this will help you to learn how to write about your anxiety and help you translate it to helpful information that can help others as well. This is where the process of blogging becomes fun initially because you’re learning so much.

You’re learning about how other people deal with their emotional issues and at the same time, you’re learning different ways to write about it. When I first started blogging on Medium I realized that there were articles being posted every day that had to do with anxiety.

This motivated me to start and it helped me feel like I was a top-notch blogger from the start. Look for bloggers who may have a similar writing style as you, message them, and see how you can add value to them while they can help you get your blog more out there.

You get to know new people that you never thought you would meet over platforms like Medium because both of you like to write about the same thing. The more people you can find that write about anxiety, the more motivation you will have to improve your articles.

Don't look at this as some sort of competition, look at it as a course you’re taking to better your emotional well-being. Let blogging becoming a health habit that you can add into your daily routine and allow it to help you be better suited for anxious situations.

Writing Helps You Cope

The personal benefits from writing come at different times, you can't really expect something amazing to happen right away but it does come once you get settled in.

When you first start blogging, the experience is exciting because just like anything else you start, you get to work your way up from the bottom. You see the potential of where this hustle can take you and you don’t want to stop.

After a while, the process may begin to get a little tedious because other responsibilities start to come into your life like more hours at work and dealing with family issues as well.

When in the moment of dealing with these different obstacles you may feel like you want to give up writing but this is actually where you need it the most. Blogging becomes your getaway and you get to write after a long day of work or when you're really stressed.

At times it will be hard to write about anything but this is simply part of the journey, every blogger has gone through rough times like this and they’ve pushed through it.

Eventually, you get to the point where blogging becomes a habit and you feel guilty for not being able to do it. You now have new skills and you have increased your value as a person as well. Writing in itself is good for anxiety and it relieves stress naturally.

You have the opportunity to write every day if you really wanted to and once you see the benefits that it provides for you, you’re not going to want to stop. When we’re dealing with anxiety, it’s sometimes best to take on a new side hustle or something that can take our minds away from the subject matter.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to express how you feel while also giving you a new hobby to work on as well. Remember, blogging won’t always be easy to do but it will have a major impact on your life that will help you in the present and in the future.

People Will Relate

As you know by now, people deal with anxiety every day. People are constantly looking for articles online that will help them either get rid of or cope with the intense feeling.

You have the potential to help people like this and even have conversations with them as well. When it comes to blogging, there are different communities for you to join and you can share different stories with other people.

After they do the same you can recommend them to more of your articles. There’s a very loving population of bloggers who write about anxiety daily and they love to support each other as well.

You should really take into consideration this whole blogging thing, you may actually meet people who can help you deal with whatever problems you have. After starting your blog you will realize that you’re not alone and that there others who care about the topic just as much as you do.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog, then now is your chance. This is a risk worth taking because you will be happy that you actually did something productive with your anxiety. I’ll leave you with a quote from Charles Spurgeon that says

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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